A Sentence That Changed My Theology

by autumn on March 2, 2011 · 3 comments

Since I haven’t had anything really meaty to add to this blog lately I went in search for inspiration.

Justin Taylor’s post titled “A Sentence that Changed My Theology” provided that for me.  For Mr. Taylor that sentence came from R.C. Sproul:

You are required to believe, to preach, and to teach what the Bible says is true, not what you want the Bible to say is true.

Chosen by God, p. 12.

I wish more preachers (Rob Bell et al.)/teachers/fathers would read that quote and change their theology.

I would bet that most Christians can think of a sentence or message or Scripture that changed the course of their Theology.  For some they were awakened to the fact that as Christians we all need to study Theology, then there are those that were shaken in their boots by a conviction that screamed, “WAKE UP! YOU’VE BEEN DECEIVED!”.

The second scenario applies to us.  Well, actually they both do.

Be glad you didn’t go to that church. They’re 5-point Calvinists.

Um, okay. What the heck does that mean?  That’s what we were thinking when a dinner guest in May 2009, said that to us in regards to a church we visited before moving to Kerrville.

We could have shrugged the sentence off and gone on with our way of thinking.  That’s probably what most people do and undoubtedly what we had done dozens of times before.

We had no idea what a Calvinist was, much less why it was bad.  We had spent the first 9 years of our Christian walk being deceived into believing that studying “theology” was for stuffy professors.

In case you too have been deceived, the word theology comes from a combination of two Greek words, theos, meaning God, and logia, meaning knowledge or study—study of God. You SHOULD study the God you put your faith in!!

So, why would a church encourage you not to study Theology or know God better?

Because Theology, when used properly, equips Christians to call out heresies and false teachings.  If the members of mega-churches, seeker friendly churches, catholic churches… all began to study their Bible and learn what the TRUTH is then there would be a mass exodus!

Teaching your congregation expositionally (which the above mentioned groups are failing to do) will educate them on what God says not what the “pastor” thinks a certain passage means and how it relates to his or her extracurricular activities.

I have a hard time calling many church leaders pastors. Our word pastor equals the Scriptural term elder. Elder, from the greek word poimeno, means shepherd.

How are many of today’s “pastors” doing in their role of shepherding?


Back to the original point of this post.
Because of that sentence, Michael began to study God.  We learned Truth.  Soon after we joined the church this dinner guest referred to because of their commitment to expositional preaching.

Does it tell us in Scripture that we should know God better?

Ephesians 4: 13-14

1Peter 3:15

Jude 1:3

If you don’t study Scriptures, therefore knowing more about God, how can you contend for the faith, defend the faith or not be carried away by every wind of doctrine?

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1 Ruth March 2, 2011 at 8:30 p

So interesting that you mention Rob Bell today because someone at the forum just mentioned him today. I had not heard of him before today… and twice, no less!

2 autumn March 4, 2011 at 8:30 p

Rob Bell is a scary guy. As is anyone who so boldly teaches falsities. Al Mohler wrote a good post: http://www.albertmohler.com/2011/03/01/universalism-as-a-lure-the-emerging-case-of-rob-bell/

He links to other blogs with safe info.

3 Lisa~ March 4, 2011 at 8:30 p

Amen! It is difficult to impossible to find a church where the teaching is true and the pastor is a REAL pastor. Our sentence came 15 years ago when a friend began to point out Scriptures that we had kind of ignored because they didn’t fit with what we believed. Then we realized that we should take the Word of God at face value and stop trying to tie it up with a bow and make it what we wanted. Thanks for sharing! Lisa~
Lisa~ last blog post..Top 7 Questions AnsweredMy ComLuv Profile

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