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March 2010

Teach Resurrection, Not Easter Bunny

by autumn on March 28, 2010 · 5 comments

I pray I’m preaching to the choir on this one but it is a burden I’m carrying and must unload. Please, why is it that true Christians celebrate Easter using the easter bunny??? It makes no sense to me. Why on earth would someone who has made Christ the Lord of their life trivialize His […]

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Birthday Roundup Was a Smashing Success!

by autumn on March 23, 2010 · 5 comments

Just as I was about to write all about the best birthday party I’ve yet to throw, I stumble upon a Mayem and Moxie blog giveaway. What are they giving away?? Only the pertiest blender my eyes have seen…and may I add that these green eyes definitely need a Bertie in my kitchen. To think […]

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Fur, Toys, Hair, Leaves…

by autumn on March 22, 2010 · 2 comments

You name it, it’s on my floor. It doesn’t matter that I swiffered this morning, then vacuumed, then mopped and yes Swiffered again! As I walk through my house I can still see wisps of hair/fur mingling with the leaves that have so gracefully come into my house via the children. It doesn’t help that […]

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Worship God In Your Family

by autumn on March 19, 2010 · 2 comments

“If you do not worship God in your family, you are living in positive sin; you may be quite sure you do not care for the souls of your family. If you neglect to spread a meal for your children to eat, would it not be said that you did not care for their bodies? […]

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Wordless Wednesday

by autumn on March 17, 2010 · 6 comments

Birthday party on a farm. Can’t wait to have our own goats, horses and land someday!

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Indoctrination in public schools??! No way.

by autumn on March 10, 2010

When I work out…when…I sometimes watch Glenn Beck.  Last Friday his show was on the indoctrination of kids in American public schools.  Of course no one thinks this happens in their town. Of course not. Below I’ve posted the March 5, 2010, episode in it’s 4 parts. Please don’t bother leaving comments about how imperfect […]

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